Vertical Flyer

Vertical Flyer

Up, up and away! As the objects enter the air column, notice how different versions react to the same amount of force from the air.

Intended Use

User approaches the exhibit and selects a paper cone and scissors. The user then makes their own custom propeller by cutting any design they like into the cone. Once the cone is ready to be tested the user presses the green button to turn on the fan for a preset length of time (0-128 second range) and places their cone in the air column. For further adjustability there is a secondary black switch that gives the user wind speed control options of High and Low.

Test out different flyer designs to try and achieve different flight patterns. Discover which designs fly highest, accelerate fastest, or stay buoyant in the air column.

See it in action here.


1X           â€‹Vertical Flyer Bench Exhibit    
1X           Flight Tube      
2X           Flyer Material Shelf 
2X           Magnetic Tool Bar   
2X           Switches     
4X           Scissors     
2,000x   Flight Cones  

1X          Z-wall System  


The Vertical flyer as seen in image with Z Wall platform (without overhead lighting, stools and graphics).

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

2X         Single Pendant Lights
2X         Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
2X         17" Stools 
2000X  Extra Flight Cones
4X         Scissors 


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