STEM Is Permanent


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As a Science Center or a Children’s Museum, you are invaluable to the community. Your organization helps educate adults and kids alike across the many facets of STEM topics. However, to keep your audiences engaged, and to keep them coming back, you need to remain relevant. To do so, flexibility and agility, when it comes to your exhibits, is paramount to achieving that goal. This is where FLEXHIBIT can be an instrumental partner.

Through our portable, modular wall system called FlexWall, FLEXHIBIT offers the ability to switch out inspiring STEM content – in a highly affordable manner, and with quick turnaround times.

Our exhibits:

  • Are developed by engineers, architects, scientists, and teachers well versed in STEM requirements
  • Mount on modular wall systems that can accommodate ROTATING exhibits – they can be swapped out in hours for NEW exhibits
  • Can be arranged in a variety of patterns

In addition FLEXHIBIT began as a custom design manufacturing company. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about all of our custom work, or incorporating the FLEX System into your custom platform.

Your Science Centers and Children’s Museum will stay relevant, and motivate repeat visits from a range of audiences.

FLEXHIBIT Module Wall Systems

Here’s the takeaway for you:

By choosing any number of our existing STEM exhibits, or by working with us on a new custom exhibit, you will enjoy the ability to get exhibits in a fast turn-around time AND have the luxury of switching out exhibits quickly, in a cost-effective manner.