Team Member

Coleen Quisenberry


Coleen's penchant for entrepreneurship took her down an unexpected path to the world of exhibit design and fabrication. As a decades-long advertising and brand strategist, Coleen owned an ad agency that produced interactive digital content. Through this capability, Coleen was introduced to, and soon acquired, Dockside Design, a small exhibit design and fabrication studio. Under Coleen's leadership, Dockside evolved into FLEXHIBIT, which has become a unique and innovative leader in the industry today.

As FLEXHIBIT's President, Coleen sets the vision and steers the company forward. She is also active in developing new business and enjoys forming new relationships. You've likely seen her on the tradeshow floor (or at a karaoke after party!). 

Coleen lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband, dog, horses and chickens, along with her extended family nearby. In her time away from FLEXHIBIT, Coleen volunteers at a charity she co-founded for foster youth called Safety Net. She also enjoys painting, cooking, traveling and keeping up with her five grandchildren.

Team Member

Jordan Quisenberry

Operations Manager

Jordan has a constant drive to learn and create, which makes him perfectly suited for a career that blends STEM education with the invention and fabrication of interactive experiences.

As FLEXHIBIT's Operations Manager, Jordan wears many hats, from supporting exhibit design and development, to prototyping and fabrication oversight, to maximizing product and operational efficiency to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost for their customers. You may even see him on the floor of your center assembling an exhibit!

Jordan lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife and two children. In his time away from work, he enjoys wake surfing, skiing, camping, traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Amazing Team

Through the entire organization, FLEXHIBIT encourages and embodies teamwork.

Our team is built from top to bottom with an experienced staff of Scientist, Engineers, Designers, Machinists and Fabricators.

Our employees believe in collaboration in all phases of work. Designers and engineers work side-by-side, so the transition between the two disciplines becomes almost seamless. While our fabricators work in areas of concentration, they also have broad-based experience and can transfer their skill set when workloads shift. This is a practical approach to meeting deadlines, which is critical to us to make sure you have your exhibits when you are ready for them. Our entire team is devoted to the idea that we are never satisfied with the status quo. Employees at every level have a responsibility and a commitment to contribute to growth on both a company and personal level. We love that about them…and we think you will, too.