Pricing List by FLEXHIBIT

Cost of Standard Exhibits

Ring Launcher Counter with one Z-wall $14,980
Air Rockets Counter with one Z-wall $16,242
Circuit Bench Counter with one Z-wall $15,560
Bernoulli Counter with one Z-wall (no compressor)    $10,997
Vertical Flyer Counter with one Z-wall $12,930
Photo-Elasticity Counter with one Z-wall $15,983
Tension and Compression Counter with one Z-wall $14,952
Augmented Reality Sandbox Counter with one Z-wall $27,904
Shake Table Counter with one Z-wall $23,956
Magnet Basics Counter with one Z-wall $10,747

Stand-Alone Exhibits

Sail Cars $15,994
Bernoulli Table (no Compressor) $14,983
Air Cars $24,719
Pop Up Classroom $6,982
Suspension Bridge Floor Exhibit $31,929

Accessories and Options

Individual Wall Panels $999
Z-Wall $3,996
Graphic Panel $298
Flex Single Lighting $344
Flex Double Lighting $549
Stools (17 inch) $275
Stools (24 inch) $290
Step Stool (17 inch) $283
6’ Flex Bench    $1,426
Caster Flexwall System $995

Cost of Exhibit without Z Wall

Ring Launcher Counter $10,984
Air Rockets Counter $12,246
Circuit Bench Counter $11,564
Bernoulli Counter $7,001
Vertical Flyer Counter $8,934
Air Rocket Makers Station Counter $3,982
Photo-Elasticity Bridge Counter $11,987
Tension and Compression Counter $10,956
Augmented Reality Sandbox Counter $23,908
Shake Table Counter $19,960
Magnet Basics Counter $6,751

In Development

Plasma-Jacobs Ladder Counter TBD
Atmospheric Movement Counter $18,208
Wind Tunnel Counter $25,300
Tornado Counter TBD
Magnetic Advanced Counter TBD
Simple Machines Counter TBD
Wind Turbine Counter TBD