Science Centers


At FLEXHIBIT, we understand how important it is to keep your displays and exhibits current, fresh, and engaging. The more you’re able to give your audience new and interesting content, the more likely they will pay you a return visit. Families will say, “I wonder what the Science Center has on display this month, they always seem to have different things going on.”

We know that huge, permanent exhibits are a big part of your facility. Of course, those have a long life span, as they should. But wouldn’t it be valuable to have STEM focused exhibits that give you the flexibility to rotate them out when you wish – and NOT incur major costs to do so? And, think about how great it would be to enjoy quick turn around times when you want to order a NEW exhibit.

Here are the major advantages of working with FLEXHIBIT:


*Our MODULearn™ System provides curated STEM content
*Flexwalls are portable, modular wall systems that create flexibility
*You can choose from our existing inventory, or get a custom one made
*Enjoy cost savings – our exhibits are affordable, and enable you to implement and rotate them FAST.