Ring Launcher

Ring Launcher

Use electromagnetism to launch an object!

Crank a generator to charge the capacitors that launch the ring. Experiment with different ring sizes, weights and designs to achieve new results.

Intended Use

User approaches the exhibit and selects one of the custom aluminum rings and places it on the launch pad. The user then cranks the generator to provide power to a voltage stepper that amplifies and stores the charge in a bank of capacitors. Once the desired voltage is reached (0-750VDC) the user presses the green button for launch.

Test out different launching voltages with different ring sizes & weights to find out which variables produce the most (or least) successful launch.

  • 1X    Ring Launcher Counter with Launching Pad and Switches
  • 3X   4' Double Tube Tower (for a total height of 184 inches or 4674 mm) 
  • 2X    Generators    
  • 2X    Ring Racks    
  • 24X  Rings       

The Ring Launcher Exhibit as configured in the image on a "Z" Wall (without overhead lighting, stools and graphics).

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit: 

  • 2X    Single Pendant Lights
  • 24X  Extra Rings 
  • 2X    Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
  • 2x    17" Stools
  • 2X    Voltage Accelerator (Quicker Charging of Capacitors)
  • 1X    Extra 4' Double Tube Tower Section (to reach 232 inches or 5893mm)*

*To reach the top you need an upgraded Ring Launcher


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