Magnetic Basics

Magnetic Basics

4 Basics Of Magnets

  • Attraction between a magnet and various materials.
  • Direction as it relates to the compass and how electricity can behave like a magnet and its effect on the fields.
  • Visualization of the magnetic poles.
  • Repulsion between two similar poles and how they repel each other.

Intended Use

The user can use a magnet to find out which materials are attracted to the magnet. The use holds down the button and allows electricity to flow through a wire causing deflection of the compass needle. Move a bar magnet under a fully self contained acrylic box with a ferrofluid pond in the bottom. The contained magnets can be pushed from both sides independently to feel the repulsionary forces at work.

1XMagnetic Basics Exhibit
2XBar Magnets and Housing
2XHorse Shoe Magnets and Housing

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

2XSingle Pendant Lights
2XPre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
2X17" Stools
1XExtra Green Button
1XSurge Protector


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