Circuit Bench

Make it spin, sound-off and light up!

Connect a maze of circuits to complete a connection with the device you want to power. It's our take on snap circuit. 

No external power required!

Intended Use

User approaches the exhibit and selects a combination of short and long steel bars. The bars are used to make a connection from a marked positive lead to a negative lead on one of the available electronics.  The user then cranks the generator to provide low voltage power to operate the items. 

Explore the amount of energy needed to power up different items. See how activating various components at once changes the effort required at the hand-crank.

  • Specs1X     Circuit Bench Exhibit
  • 28X   Incandescent Lights
  • 28X   LED Lights
  • 1X     Ringing Bell
  • 1X     Plasma Disk
  • 8X     Spinning Fans
  • 25X   Long Circuit Bars
  • 30X   Short Circuit Bars
  • 2X     Generators 

The Circuit Bench interactive as configured in the image on a "Z" Wall setup

(without overhead lighting, stools and graphics).

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

  • 2X    Single Pendant Lights
  • 2X    Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
  • 2X    17" Stools


Most exhibits’ assemblies range from $1,500 to $2,500 within the continental US. 

We are open to creative planning and solutions, please call to discuss the best option for your center.


Most single exhibits ship within the continental US from $300 to $1,000. Save on shipping by bundling.

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