Augmented Reality Sandbox

Children will learn the following concepts from interaction with the FLEXHIBIT STEM AR Sandbox Interactive:

  • Watersheds and Water Conservation:  What watersheds are, what happens when it rains and how watersheds are important to water conservation and ecosystems.
  • Landforms/ Geology:  That landforms were created by processes such as glaciation, tectonics and erosion. They will also discover water's role in these processes.
  • Topographic Maps:  Use of contour lines of earth’s surface to create a 3D model of landforms, streambeds and watersheds.
  • Hydrology:  How water’s movement, distribution and quality affect landforms, water quality, water cycle and the watershed.

STEM Careers that are associated with the AR Sandbox are:

Hydrologist - Earth Scientist - Environmental Scientist - Geologist - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Intended Use

The user creates valleys, peaks and hollows in the sand and the exhibit maps the features in real time. The user can then hold a hand high above the sand and rain will fall from the sky. Users are changing the landscape with their bare hands through play while discovering the real-world science that relates to this exhibit and the importance of water and how it shapes the earth.

1XAR Sandbox
1XProjector Housing
1XExtra Lamp
1XControl Board
1XComputer with Cables
3XCooling Fans

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

2XSingle Pendant Lights
2XPre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
2X17" Stools
1XExtra Green Button
1XSurge Protector


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