Air Rocket

Race a competitor to the top!

Air Rocket users can choose a rocket or build their own, place it on the launch pad and experience Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion first hand!

Intended Use

User approaches the exhibit and selects an Air Rocket to place on the launch pad. The user then cranks the rotary pump handle to reach the desired PSI (0-30) and presses the green button when ready to launch.  The exhibit can be tuned for shorter ceiling heights.

Explore the effects of varying the air pressure to achieve different results with each launch. Combine with the Air Rockets a Make-it station for even more freedom to experiment with different rocket designs.

  • 1X   Air Rockets Exhibit
  • 3X   16” Double Tube Tower (for a total height of 184 inches or 4674 mm)
  • 24X Air Rockets
  • 2X   Air Rocket Racks
  • 2X   Rotary Pumps    
  • 2X   Switches
  • 2X   Pneumatic Launch Mechanisms                                                   


The Air Rockets interactive as configured in the image on a "Z" Wall setup (overhead lighting, graphics, Make-It Station with a Rockets Builder Station on the backside of the "Z" Wall not included)

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

  • 2X    Double Pendant Lights
  • 24X  Extra Air Rockets
  • 2X    Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
  • 4x    17" Stools
  • 2X    Make-It Station
  • 1x    Extra 16" Double Tube Tower Section (to reach 232 inches or 5893mm)

Makers Station:

The Makers Station is intended as an add-on to the Air Rockets Exhibit. This station allows users to build their own Paper Rockets that fire on the Air Rockets exhibit. Users will have access to all tools and materials required to build their own Paper Rocket, which includes:

  • 2X Light Pads with traceable rocket building infographic
  • 2X Paper Storage Cubbies with additional paper
  • 2X Pencil Holders
  • 30X Ticonderoga Pencils
  • 1X Pencil Sharpener
  • 2X Magnetic Bars for scissor storage
  • 6X Blunt Safety Scissors
  • 2X Build Pendants
  • 2X Tape dispensers
  • 10X  Rolls of Tape


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