Air Cars

Air Cars

Experience the Third Law of Motion first hand!

Grab a car off the shelf, customize it for speed and experience Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion first hand while racing a friend to the finish line!

Intended Use

The user approaches the exhibit and selects a Car, Truck, or Van to build for racing. After assembling, the user places the vehicle on the launch pad and cranks the rotary pump handle to the desired PSI (0-30) and presses the green button when ready to launch. 

Combine different chassis components to make a unique car creation. Explore the effects of varying the air pressure to achieve a different result with each launch.

  • 3X  Race Track Sections (Each 72 inches or 1829mm Long)     
  • 2X  Rotary Pumps      
  • 4X  Air Car Racks    
  • 2X  Switches    
  • 1X  Makers Station Counter    
  • 2X  Car Wall Assemblies    
  • 8X  Air Cars (4 Sport Car, 2 Vans and 2 Semi Truck)  
  • 1X  Wheel Parts Holder
  • 8X  Bottles
  • 1X  Bottle Rack
  • 2X  Wall Panels

The Air Cars exhibit as shown in the image comes with the track, pumps, customizable cars, and a dual builder station (without overhead lighting, and graphics). 

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:  

  • 2X    Double Pendant Lights
  • 8X    Extra Air Cars 
  • 2X    Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
  • 2x    17" Stools
  • 1X    Race Track Sections 


Most exhibits' assemblies range from $1,500 to $2,500 within the continental US. 

We are open to creative planning and solutions, please call to discuss the best option for your center.


Most single exhibits ship within the continental US from $300 to $1,000. Save on shipping by bundling.

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