Bernoulli Bench

Bernoulli Bench

See the Bernoulli Principle in action!
Suspend light-weight spheres in mid-air while learning how something as heavy as a jumbo jet is able to fly as though it’s lighter than air!

Intended Use

User approaches the exhibit and selects a colored Ping-Pong ball. The user presses the green button to activate the airflow for 10 – 17 seconds (0-128 second range) and then attempts to suspend the ball in a small stream of air, finding the right position.

Try to toss a ball and ‘catch’ it in a stream of air, or suspend a ball in each air stream simultaneously before the timer runs out. Rotate the pendant to demonstrate how the Bernoulli Principle acts on objects in motion.

See it in action here.


1X    Bernoulli Principle Bench Exhibit
1X    Bernoulli Sphere
1X    Bernoulli Tube
2X    Switches
20X  Balls    

1X   Z-wall System 

*Requires an air compressor

The Bernoulli Bench interactive as configured in the image on a "Z" Wall setup (without overhead lighting, stools and graphics).

Optional Accessories

Recommended for this exhibit:

2X    Single Pendant Lights
2X    Pre-Designed Interpretive Graphics Panel
2x    17" Stools
50x  Extra Balls


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